Red Poll World Congress – Every 3 years the Red Poll breed has a World Congress.  The Red Poll breed is a small but closely knit group worldwide & it’s a great opportunity to share our friendships & cultures through Red Poll cattle.  The tour includes a Conference with Guest Speakers from various sectors of the Industry followed by reports from delegates from their respective countries.  The Breed also uses the opportunity to plan globally for the future.  The next Red Poll World Tour is in New Zealand in 2024. It’s likely to be very well priced as the tour is planned by local Red Poll breeders although a Tour Operator is employed to run it.  I can thoroughly recommend this Tour to anyone although minors would need to be accompanied by an adult.  The last tour in Australia the ARPCBI sponsored an Australian Youth Ambassador to attend.  Jamaica & Kenya also sponsored Youth Ambassadors.  Unfortunately our breed is not equipped to provide this kind of sponsorship for every World Congress but it does offer sponsorships where it can.  Please contact Jill at: if you would like me to get further information.

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