The ARPCBI is group of people who thogether form a breed society that is committed to ensuring the Red Poll breed is, given its rare breed status in Australia, preserved. More than that, we want to see the Red Poll breed thrive and take its rightful place as a leading breed in Australia's cattle industry. 

Heritage breeds have so much to offer in todays genetically impoverished commercial herds. It is our aim to have commercial breeders better understand the significant benefits they can get by incorporating Red Poll genetics into their herd.

In short the ARPCBI is dedicated to the promotion, the viability and survival of Red Poll Cattle by:
  • Maintaining and improving Red Poll cattle.
  • Maintaining a register of purebred Red Poll Cattle.
  • Publishing pedigrees, statistics and other useful information.
  • Supressing misrepresentations relating to Red Poll cattle.
  • Encouraging the exhibition of the Red Poll breed.
  • Promoting fellowship amongst the Red Poll breeders.
  • Building relationships with international Red Poll societies.
  • Promoting the interests of breeders of such Red Polls.
  • Building relations with other organisations and societies whose objectives include the promotion and improvement of the  cattle industry.
  • Encouraging members to participate in genetic evaluation schemes within and across Red Poll herds. 

We welcome suggestions for improvements and any ideas that will benefit the breed. We hope to be held in high regard by all members and supporters of the breed.

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