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Red Polls will improve your bottom line. This is how:
  • Production efficiency Red Polls are known for their maternity, longevity, and consistent award winning carcase results.
  • Fertility Easy conception, regular calving and excellent mothering qualities lead to demonstrable returns on investment.
  • Eating quality Consistent award winning results.
  • Temperament Docility as a result of generations of selective breeding.
  • Cross Breeding Genetic advantage, maternity and carcase quality - the perfect reciepe for gaining real heterosis benefits 

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Once again, the Norther New South Wales/Queensland region will be hosting the National Red Poll Youth Camp from the 6th to the 8th of October 2023. 

As in previous years we are asking for support to help run this great event. We pride ourselves on running a small hands-on camp that is enjoyed by all. The below link will take you to the sponsorship form for more information.

Opportunity Sponsorship_Final.pdf

If you have any questions or wish to support the camp in a different way then please cothact Rachael Constable 0432 581 493, Tim Light 0458 744 552 or Briony Looker 0488 527 949.

This year we are putting the new website to the test so please make all money contributions through the Donations area, the below button to the left will take you straight there, in the comments please put you name and if there is something in particular you would like your contribution to go towards.

Economic Production

  • Red Polls are one of the most productive British beef breeds.
  • Red Polls are a great maternal breed, impart because of their early maturity and longevity. In the right conditions, they can be joined at 12 months and produce a calf every year for the next 12 – 15 years or longer. The Net Present Value (NPV) of such a productive animal is outstanding.
  • The purity of the genetic legacy of the breed increases its value for heterosis.
  • The Red Polls maternal characteristics make it ideal for crossing with other breed to increase milk quality and fertility.
  • Red Polls have natural advantage of dominant polled gene.

Environmental and Social Benefits

  • Red Polls have an advantage over most other British breeds for adaptability to challenging and changing environmental conditions.
  • Red Polls have excellent temperaments. Current research by CRC has identified genes associated with good temperaments can better manage heat stress. Red coats are more desirable because they don’t retain the heat like black coats, and they’re not susceptible to sunburn and eye cancers like whiter coats. 
  • Red Polls are well known for a high proportion of the slick gene that make them heat and tick resistant. Two breeds well known for this trait are the Senepol and Jamaican Red which originally co-opted the slick gene from Red Poll ancestry.
  • Members of the ARPCBI foster a great social atmosphere. The Red Poll breed has a strong membership who show their cattle at local and Royal shows around the country. This is a great opportunity for members to showcase their cattle to the public, and to catch up with like-minded breeders and friends. 
  • The Red Poll breed runs an annual youth camp where participants learn all about handling and preparation for shows and have a great time, often establishing lifelong friendships.
  • Regional groups meet regularly to foster members input and hear of developments proposed by the national executive.

Melbourne Show Judging

Livestream of Red Poll Judging at Melbourne Royal is scheduled for Friday 29th September at 11.30am. See the action here:

This is free to view; just  scroll to the bottom of the Melbourne Show landing page. 

Sydney Show

If you didn't make it in person, see the livestream here:

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Winner of the Cowlishaw trophy for best exhibit at the RAS Easter Show 2023. Ross Draper of Red Cactus.

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